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 Dave Penner here! I’m the owner of Penner’s Posts. We started our fencing business because we saw a gap in the market for top-tier quality cedar fencing. It is unlike any of the fencing options on the market and we are proud to offer this to customers.


Quality cedar fencing for residential properties offers added security, privacy, aesthetic appeal, and value to your home, defining property boundaries and keeping pets and children safe. It’s a smart investment for any homeowner looking to enhance their property.


Agricultural fencing is not just a barrier, but a vital tool for protecting livestock and crops, defining property boundaries, and minimizing risks. With the right agricultural fencing solution, you can safeguard your agricultural investment and ensure a successful harvest.

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Custom cedar fencing

Why Choose Penner Posts?

Let’s start by saying one word. Cedar. Round cedar fencing offers durability, aesthetics, versatility, sustainability, and low maintenance, making it a smart choice compared to other fencing materials. It will last for decades with proper maintenance and care. Also, cedar wood has a natural warmth and beauty that enhances the look of any property.

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